Mistakes in Clinical Neuropsychology. Learning from a Case-based Approach O. Turnbull 2023

Case studies are making a comeback in neuropsychology, especially for teaching.

They are memorable and come closer to teaching the skill of neuropsychology

than abstract knowledge can. Mistakes are especially memorable, but also

shameful and so they are understudied. I salute the courage and wisdom of

these thoughtful and skilled authors in modeling for all of us how to learn from

our mistakes in assessment and treatment. If, through their example, we can all

learn to focus on the lessons of our mistakes, we may be able to improve and

accelerate neuropsychological training.”

Ted Judd, Clinical Neuropsychologist and Cross-Cultural

Specialist, Associate Professor Seattle Pacifc University

“A decidedly human and entertaining account of some of the mistakes we can

make while learning and practicing our profession. A very useful resource for

training and expanding our development.”

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